Vinyl and CDs for sale
In my Discogs store I have hundreds of records for sale. Here you'll find prog, psych, folk, rock, jazz, electronica, etc. All vinyl records listed are carefully inspected and strictly graded. All vinyl packages are shipped using cardboard wrappers with extended edge protection, to prevent LP cover corner dents. Order with confidence from the publisher of one of Norway's longest running music e-zines, Luna Kafé. You can also check my 100% positive feedback history on Discogs, and accordingly on the Norwegian auction site QXL. Norsk LP-diskografi og prisguide
NorSike is a Norwegian LP discography featuring information and value suggestions (in NOK) for more than 10.000 Norwegian releases, from the 60's to 2015. This is a Norwegian language service, but it is hopefully useful to access even if you don't understand the language.

Luna Kafé e-zine
Luna Kafé e-zine published its first issue in 1996, making it one of Norway's earliest music e-zines. Since then a new selection of reviews were published every full moon until the last issue in 2017. The archive contains more than 4.500 reviews.

Vinyl Feeds
The Vinyl Feeds page collects news from various vinyl blogs around the world, mostly in English, but also some in Norwegian.

Other stuff in Norwegian
Norsk MusikkavisIndeks is an article index to the Norwegian music magazines Nye Takter, Puls, Beat og Rock Furore. I also maintain an overview of Norwegian vinyl stores (both physical and webstores), a list of useful vinyl-related links, and there is a page on the vinyl format in general.