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Arcesia: Reachin' (LP, 1972/Re 1997, ltd 400)

Nine Little Indians (pre-Shadoks)

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Price: €67.00

Limited edition release of 400 numbered copies. This is number 316. 9th release on the pre-Shadoks Little Indians label.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM 

"This obscenely rare album, by the acid-dropping Vegas-crooner Arcesia who went to California to make a psych album, was released in micro quantity in 1972 and is today almost impossible to find. An original copy would definitely sell in the thousands of dollars if you were to find one. The music has been described as a stoned Elvis backed by the Doors. Or like Del Shannon’s Charles Westover album with Father Yod on vocals. It is for sure unlike everything else, but also a very cool psychedelic artifact and a big fave for some.  This reissue was released in 1997 on the highly acclaimed Little Indians label from Germany (later to become Shadoks), known for the high production quality of its releases. This is a hand-numbered edition of 400 copies pressed on heavy vinyl and housed in a beautiful and massively thick cover." (Popsike)

 Arcesia: Reachin'

Arcesia: Reachin'

Arcesia: Reachin