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The Walflower Complextion: S/T (2xLP, 1966-67/Re, ltd 450)

Four Little Indians (pre-Shadoks)

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Price: €61.00

Limited edition release of 450 numbered copies. This is number 215. 4th release on the pre-Shadoks Little Indians label. Contains the albums The Walflower Complextion (1966) and When I'm Far from You (1967). Some light wear to the upper side of the cover. LPs are pristine.

Grading cover: EX+ | Grading vinyl: NM 

"Walflower Complextion is a USA garage band who released 2 local albums only in Columbia. They were kids of US government staff in Colombia, playing pure and raw GARAGE. great guitars all over, great vocals." (Clear Spot)

"24 great GARAGE songs by THE WALFLOWER COMPLEXTION recorded and released in COLOMBIA only. Every Garage collectors wet dream. This is an American band who released the 2 albums in Colombia only. They where kids of US Goverment staff in Columbia. The music is pure an raw Garage. Great guitars all over, beautiful vocals, just the right sound. Originals, forget it. Here is the first chance to own them both." (Shadoks)

The Walflower Complextion

The Walflower Complextion