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Poll: Anthrope (LP+7", 1971/Re 2007)

Anazitisi Records: ARLP/S 70-13

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Price: €30.00

Reissue comes in a screenprinted burlap bag, with cotton string handle, a bonus 7", a poster and two lyrics booklets. A new item. The all-black inner cover has a very light transport damage on upper side. The 7" has a couple of scuff marks and a bump to the cover, also from transport, but plays fine (I have tested). The LP vinyl is pristine.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM 

"Poll formed in 1971. Moving from hippie-rock to electric folk-rock they managed to get themselves in the top ranks of the Greek ’70s rock pantheon. Both of their albums (originally released on Polydor) contain well-structured songs with lyrics of high sensitivity. Acoustic, electric and 12-string guitars, organ, piano, percussion and drums along with a lot of harmonies from the male and female vocalists. But also the covers of their albums were amazing and inventive! The first one ‘Anthrope’ (1971) had a burlap bag — like a peasants’ knapsack — as a cover and included a poster and a lyrics booklet. The second, self-titled record (1972), was made just as the band was ready to split. Inside its gatefold cover there was a 12-page comic book where the 4 members of the group were ‘superheroes.’ The story of the comic (made by band-leader Kostas Tournas himself) described the short life of Poll, from their birth to their final recordings. Just after the split, Kostas Tournas released his magnus opus ‘Aperanta Chorafia’ and some months later, Stavros Logaridis presented the only album by Akritas (two of the best Greek rock albums ever, both re-released by Anazitisi Records). These Poll official reissues, are from the master tapes and have the same covers as the original ones." (Anazitisi)

Poll: Anthrope

Poll: Anthrope