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Celeste: Nihiliste(s) (LP, 2008, ltd 100)

Denovali DEN07

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Price: €17.00

First pressing on transparent blue vinyl, limited to 100 copies. A new item, the vinyl has some very light scuff marks that does not affect play.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"I've heard Celeste described as 'slowed down black metal' but that is absolutely incorrect. In all actuality there is perhaps some slight black metal and doom influence to Celeste's sound, particularly the slow and groovy Norweigan black metal of Khold, Tulus, or "Hate Them" period Darkthrone. But make no mistake- it never reaches beyond a mere influence and Celeste are a doomy hardcore band foremost. It's dark, and it's heavy, but it's really Not Metal. In all actuality they should not even be on the Metal Archives. Fans of Systral, Breach, Neurosis, Zann, Tulus, and older Cult of Luna should check this out." (Metal Archives/Slimer)

"From black metal to sludge, from doom to posthardcore - the people love them because they’re not copycats – they’re not trying to exhaust any genre clichés - they’re simply creating their own dark soundscapes with every new record." (Norman Records)

Celeste: Nihiliste(s)

Celeste: Nihiliste(s)