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The Darrow Mosley Band: Desert Rain (10", 2010, ltd 499)

Shagrat ENT012 10

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Price: €15.00

Limited edition of 499 copies. Packaged in a beautifully mynd-blowing sleeve by legendary British pyschedelic designer John Hurford, complete with insert featuring sleeve notes by Chris Darrow.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW 

"The Darrow Mosley Band was a vehicle for the prodigious talents of Bob Mosley (lead vocals, bass guitar) and Chris Darrow (lead vocals, guitar). Mosley had been an integral member of Moby Grape, one of the greatest California bands of the late 60s. Darrow had been a founding member of the wildly exotic Kaleidoscope, the hugely talented Claremont-based quintet that subsequently has been recognised as one of the first rock groups to play 'world music'. In 1973 both Chris and Bob decided they wanted to be in a band again and their mutual manager Michael O'Connor suggested they form a group together - drawing on the energy and style of vintage Stones and Faces and adding more than a dash of the prevalent SoCal country rock scene to the mix, Bob and Chris were joined by lead guitarist Frank Reckard (subsequently in Emmylou Harris's Band for 14 years), keyboard player Loren Newkirk and drummer Johnny Craviotto (Ry Cooder, Arlo Guthrie, Buffy St Marie) - they cut 3 songs to try and get Warner Bros interested. Sadly Warners passed on the demos and they have lain unheard till now - the A-side, 'Albuquerque Rainbow' is a crunchy rocker featuring Darrow on lead vocals and originally debuted on his eponymous second album done for UA. The flipside has Bob Mosley as lead vocalist - a treat for all those who already know what a masterful singer this Norse god can be - first up is a soulful, smouldering version of the Temptations' 'I wish it would rain' that also boasts some dexterous picking from Reckard. The EP closes with a new version of Bob's exquisite 'Beautiful Day' originally done for the Grape's 69 record ...This EP is an absolute must for fans of Kaleidoscope, Moby Grape and West Coast rock everywhere." (Shagrath)

The Darrow Mosley Band: Desert Rain

The Darrow Mosley Band: Desert Rain