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Inter Arma: Sundown (LP, 2010)

Forcefield FFR 017 / Mirror Universe Records ‎UNIVERSE 3

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Gold vinyl with black streaks. New and unplayed, with a couple of very light scuffmarks to the vinyl, might well as be from production. Light dents to a couple of corners of the cover. Comes with inserts & sticker.

Grading cover: NM-/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM-/NEW 

"Sundown serves as a promising stepping stone to one of the great musical achievements in recent memory." (Sputnik Music)

"Here is a release that moves in several directions, yet always remains on course. Staying within heavy music boundaries as defined by categories like black metal, sludge, crust, doom, and NOLA groove, Sundown kills in a variety of ways ... Heavy is a heavy as does, as Inter Arma does on Sundown. Write it down." (Teeth of the Divine)

Inter Arma: Sundown