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Odium: The Sad Realm Of The Stars (LP, 1998/Re 2013, ltd 100)

Blood Music BLOOD-035

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Price: EUR 43.00

Limited to 100 copies on 180g black vinyl. 35 (!) copies allocated to America, 65 to the rest of the world. Remastered for vinyl by Kjetil Ottersen (the band's engineer). Includes bonus track "Altering States Of Being." Ultra-gloss gatefold jacket with some changes to artwork layout. A new and unplayed copy, a couple of very very light scuff marks to the vinyl that won't affect play.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW 

"Odium are another great Norwegian band releasing an album through the Emperor guitarist's own label, Nocturnal Art Productions ... Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse comes to mind when listening to The Sad Realm of the Stars. The overall cold and dark feeling is very similar, although Odium do have their own style. A very, very good release. Hell, I'm tempted to give it a perfect rating!" (The Chronicles of Chaos)

"Whereas Odium does lean closer to symphonic rather than "trve" black metal, it is unfair to judge them solely as a band in the similar vein as a band like Dimmu Borgir. The synths and melodies and "epic" feel are all present in "The Sad Realm of the Stars", they are all underneath a very raw style of guitar, reminiscent of Carpathian Forest or early Emperor. The effect that this has would usually be a mishmash of both styles, with conflicting ideas in the music vieing for dominance in the mayhem of each song, Unusually, Odium actually manages to pull this off well. All in all, with its incredibly vivid spacey atmosphere and solid songwriting, this is a fantastic and criminally underappreciated and unknown piece of black metal, that would make a great addition to any black metal fan's catalogue." (Sputnik Music)

"It’s a quite impressing debut album, and fans of LIMBONIC ART should pick this up without hesitating." (The Metal Observer)

"This band is easily one of my favorite black metal groups, and it pains me to see this album not receive the praise it deserves. The genre is overloaded with bands that imitate those that came before them, and rarely meet the standards set by their predecessors. Odium easily meets any and all expectations. While The Sad Realm of the Stars may be their first and only full-length, it could easily be compared to the classic albums that have received more attention than this unknown gem." (TheArmoredVirus)

Odium: The Sad Realm Of The Stars

Odium: The Sad Realm Of The Stars