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Of Montreal: The Controllersphere (12", 2011, ltd 1500)

Polyvinyl Record Company PRC-202-1

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Price: €8.00

180 gram bright blue vinyl, limited to 1500.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"While more or less a collection of bastardized leftovers from the False Priest sessions, longtime fans should rejoice as the band finally rekindles their longtime relationship with unpredictability." (Consequence Of Sound)

Few would argue that Of Montreal leader Kevin Barnes lost his freakiness in the feverish pursuit of soul-rock nirvana, but this five-track EP of outtakes from last year's False Priest nevertheless hedges his bets ... Chaotic opening track "Black Lion Massacre" offers a nightmarish fantasy of ritual sacrifice, then "Flunkt Sass vs the Root Plume" downshifts into psychedelic Pink Floyd-ian ooze. Wordy narration typically trumps melody here, but when Barnes steps aside to let woozy strings speak for him in "L'age D'or," he ultimately conveys more." (Rolling Stone)

Of Montreal: The Controllersphere

Of Montreal: The Controllersphere