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Spectacle: Rope Or Guillotine (LP, 2004, ltd 500)

P.W. Elverum & Sun ELV 013

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Price: EUR 12.00

Limited edition of 500 copies on white vinyl with some black splatter. Comes in a recycled silkscreened/letterpressed cover with letterpressed “words” booklet. Please note that the jacket is screenprinted on an old LP sleeve turned inside out, so NM/NEW for the cover means it's as it was when new from P.W. Elverum production. The vinyl is pristine.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"This album is an achievement in anarcho-hardcore. Breaking away from the crustier regional sounds akin to Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade, this album gripped me more with its cleaner (but not clean!) layered guitar harmonies, bellowing PV-esque grimey bass tone, and the overall experience of a screamo record in a package very reminiscent of 90's american hardcore. The lyrics are more of an essay, often dissecting the social constructs spawned by global capitalism and crafting an effective emotional response applicable to anyone who's felt oppressed by their respective State. A beautiful union of Scandinavian crust and American screamo/hardcore." (Sputnik Music)

Spectacle: Rope Or Guillotine

Spectacle: Rope Or Guillotine