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Svarte Greiner: Man Bird Dress (LP, 2008, ltd 50)

SMTG Limited SMTG 12-009

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Price: €14.00

2. press limited to 50 copies on grey marbled vinyl. A new and unplayed item, the cover is graded EX because of some lightly dented corners.

Grading cover: EX/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Man Bird Dress is a thing of glorious darkness and immense beauty, instilling an atmosphere of sustained horror more by suggestion than by beating you over the head with a stick marked 'menacing drone' ...  Absolutely amazing stuff from Erik Skodvin, and a terrific appetiser for next year's 'Kappe' album on Type." (Boomkat)

"The result of this carefully-spread tapestry of haunting sound waves is rather stunning, intoxicating enough to claim your attention where most acts tend to depend on an audience with a long attention span. Although composed of heavyweight drone elements, the (easy) listening experience isn’t negatively affected. A fluid structure and lack of sonic guidance make this album one of the most listenable in its niche. It is also because Svarte Greiner succeeds in breaking through the almost constant darkness of his own compositions with a ray of stunning, matte light every now and then that this album is more easily consumed than the average drone release." (Sjugge2)

"Man Bird Dress is a bewitched sepia-colored gemstone that will glow disconcertingly in your Dark Ambient collection." (Ambient Exotica)

Svarte Greiner: Man Bird Dress