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Svarte Greiner: Kappe (LP, 2009, ltd 400)

Type TYPE033V

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Price: €13.00

Limited to 400 copies. Still sealed. The cover is graded EX because of some seam wear to the upper and left side.

Grading cover: EX/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Erik Skodvin, the crown prince of nefarious Nordic doomscapes, returns with another incredible dark ambient grimoire for the Type label. Kappe finds the Deaf Center member peering yet deeper into the sonic abyss, concentrating his efforts on four lengthy compositions, each one following its own distinct subterranean tributary ... There's a real air of restraint about Kappe, and it's an album loaded with dark energy, always poised ambiguously between outright aural punishment and an impenetrably black chasm. A masterclass in organic, artful gloom, Kappe comes with the highest possible recommendation." (Boomkat)

"Erik K. Skodvin‘s third release under his pseudonym Svarte Greiner gained cult status on the internet as soon as it was released in 2009. Raised in Langesund, Norway and now residing in Berlin, he rivets on the Dark Ambient genre and also photographs and draws grim designs, mythical creatures and birds. Fans knew what to except, but Kappe is now considered the breakthrough album for him and leaves every Ambient fan who doesn‘t have a presentiment of Skodvin‘s oeuvre shocked and shattered, deeply awed." (Ambient Exotica)

"Kappe has the same damned soul and cursed spirit as Knive, but someone has ripped out its spectral, black heart along the way leaving a charred and mutilated husk, the forensic details of which will be pored over by a fascinated, esoteric few. For those that glean enjoyment from these dark and twisted indulgences, Kappe contains exceptionally skilled and intelligently crafted vessels leading to a grim, bleak underworld." (Igloo Magazine)

"Here I feel more like I am on a type of amusement park ride, one of the scariest amusement park rides ever devised granted. There is always a steady hand guiding these tracks so that the listener never really feels that sense of alienation, solitude and danger that signifies drone and doom at their greatest." (No Ripcord)

Svarte Greiner: Kappe