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Psychic TV: Dreams Less Sweet (LP, 1983/Re 2012, ltd 320)

Angry Love Productions 88765414001

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Price: €128.00

Red transparent vinyl version, limited to 320 copies, includes a bonus CDr, and a 12 page booklet of additional photography and artwork. Complete package with badge and all in pristine shape.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"A unique listening experience for anyone looking to dive into the world of experimental, sound-driven music." (Sputnik Music)

"This 19 track album is a kaleidophone full of twists and turns, sweetness and light cohabiting with sourness and darkness, all permeated by an uneasy air of mystery, magick and ritual. It forced open my adolescent ears to sonic possibilites which I didn't know existed nor even imagined." (Head Heritage)

"Dreams Less Sweet is an album like no other. As you journey through its 43 minutes it floats between lyrical songs and outright sound experiments. As a whole it maintains a sense of the otherworldly ... If you are looking for a unique listening experience then this is the album for you. Put on your headphones, turn out the lights and let “Dreams Less Sweet” guide you away from reality." (Industrial People)

Psychic TV: Dreams Less Sweet

Psychic TV: Dreams Less Sweet