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Suicidal Flowers: Burn Mother Burn (LP, 1996)

Delerium Records DELEC LP 043

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Price: €6.00

Grading cover: VG+ | Grading vinyl: NM

"A rallying cry for all the fucked-up children of this world, The Suicidal Flowers cross-fertilise the beauty of early Fairport and Tree's folkiness, with the maniac energy of the Fugs / Deviants. A bewitching selection of garage punk tunes, with breath-taking vocal male/female vocal melodies laid at the altar of the holy trinity - sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll." (Delerium Records)

"Pagan revivalists from York, Suicidal Flowers meld two areas of inspiration in their strange concoction: fuzzy garage and a folksy psychedelia which sometimes recalls the early Airplane. Although they pull off the garage stuff with reasonable conviction, it's the wispy, more ethereal psych element which proves responsible for their best material." (Holding Together)

"This is an album of extremes with black-veiled Sixties garage rock as the main vehicle for these six dark spirits being Suicidal Flowers. I don't know if the world is ready for this album (it sure wasn't for their debut) but it had better be, because this psychy garage album has a lot more essential things to tell about human nature than any scientific study could do. A very recommended LP." (Crohinga Well)

Suicidal Flowers: Burn Mother Burn

Suicidal Flowers: Burn Mother Burn