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In Gowan Ring: Full Flower Moon (10", 2014, ltd 99)

Lune Music LUNE 02

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Price: €51.00

Reissue of The Folklore of the Moon - 3" CDr series from Hand/Eye issued in 2005. The 10" includes one bonus track not included on the CDr version. Mailorder-only edition signed by Bobin Eirth. Limited hand-numbered edition of 99 copies on white vinyl. This is number 33. Paste-on cover with lyrics insert and label insert.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Way back in 2005, Hand/Eye released a 13-month subscription-only series of 3? CDrs based on the Folklore of the Moon. It ended up being an incredible series with contributions from some of our favorite artists … not the least of which was In Gowan Ring, who gave us such a beautiful and fully realized ep in the form of their Full Flower Moon, that we always hoped and intended to give it a fuller release in the form of vinyl or CD proper. Well, they waited and waited ever so patiently for us to get it done, but one thing or another always got in the way until, finally, tired of waiting on us, In Gowan Ring took it upon themselves to reissue the songs (+ a bonus instrumental track) – and they did a wonderful job. Keeping the aesthetic of the original cover, but enhancing it with a nice insert, this 10? features beautiful, intricate acid folk as only In Gowan Ring can deliver. Timeless songs, expertly crafted." (Dark Holler Arts)

In Gowan Ring: Full Flower Moon

In Gowan Ring: Full Flower Moon