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Brutus: Behind The Mountains (LP, 2013)

Svart Records SVR213

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Price: EUR 12.00

Black vinyl version.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Now this is an interesting combination. Brutus are part Swedish, part Norwegian and Behind The Mountains, their current album is out on Svart Records, a great Finnish label. Talk about Northern flair indeed! The band focus heavily on 70's tinged classic rock and it's groovy as hell. Witchcraft and Graveyard springs to mind because they all have the same approach in everything they do ... Being part of the retro scene that is flourishing right now Brutus stand out by the excellence of their musicianship and their fantastic song writing skills. Give me more y'all!" (Sludgelord)

"The ’70s never ended for half Swedish, half Norwegian quintet Brutus. If anything, ’70s psychedelic rock is alive and well in their hearts, and their sophomore release, Behind the Mountains, is a testament to that ... The entire sound of this album is incredibly refreshing." (Roadburn)

Brutus: Behind The Mountains