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Sandy Bull: Inventions (LP, 1963/Re 2009)

Sutro Park SP1000

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Price: €9.00

A new item, the vinyl is graded EX because of some spots/marks from production that doesn't affect play much (I have tested).

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: EX

"On his second and best album, Bull added more instruments and a bit of electricity. The centerpiece of the record is "Blend II." Like "Blend" from his first album, it is a melange (somewhat more electric in tone) of folk, jazz, and the Middle East, this time 24 minutes' worth." (AllMusic)

"Although often, and understandably so, lumped in with visionary guitar poet-composers such as Takoma’s John Fahey and Leo Kottke, Bull was truly in a league of his own and his music has an exotic, smokey, almost acid-tinged vibe that doesn’t exactly sound like anything else out there ... In 1965 Vanguard Records released Bull’s second solo record, Inventions. Inventions can easily be seen as the second half of an excellent pair of records that began with his first lp, Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo, which was released in 1963." (The Rising Storm)

Sandy Bull: Inventions

Sandy Bull: Inventions