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B/B/S/: Brick Mask / Half Moon (LP+7", 2013)

Miasmah Recordings MIALP022/MIALP022-7

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Price: €24.00

The Brick Mask LP is limited to 500 copies, the Half Moon 7" is limited to 400 copies, here together in one package. Both items are sealed. A project with Aidan Baker, Andrea Belfi and Erik Skodvn.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"For the love of every spiritual entity, please don't let the formation B/B/S be a one-time affair! Formed in Berlin sometime in 2012, the trio comprises of convoluted percussionist Andrea Belfi from Italy, portentous bass guitarist, clasically trained flutist and Nadja member Aidan Baker from Canada as well as Dark Ambient maestro, guitar afficionado and the Miasmah label's shining light Erik K. Skodvin aka Svarte Greiner from Norway who is also one half of Deaf Center.  If you consider the instrumental base of this super group as well as the gentlemen's backgrounds, there is anything but one assumption: this has to be a Dark Ambient album with added Doom Metal slivers and percussive (s)traits ... As the press sheet proclaims, each musician leaves his "comfort zone" and is entangled in a setting that would not have been considered otherwise. Brick Mask turns out to be an adventure for each member. It is, however, an incredibly exciting ride for the listener as well." (Ambient Exotica)

"'Supergoups' tend to be a difficult prospect at the best of times; it's usually a case of too many ideas, too many egos and too much to prove. Occasionally though, a bunch of otherwise solo musicians come together and the bundle of sticks actually catches fire. 'Brick Mask' is one of those rare occasions, and the most astonishing part is how hard it is to hear the lines between each of the three musicians. Made up of Miasmah boss and half of Deaf Center Erik Skodvin, Nadja man Aidan Baker and experimental don Andrea Belfi it's a surprise to hear that the trio opt for a wise 'less is more' aesthetic. Taking cues from the sparser, darker, more rhythmic work of Supersilent, Skodvin's haunted guitar tones act as the backdrop to Belfi's propulsive rhythms and Baker's metal-primed guitar drones." (Boomkat)

B/B/S/: Brick Mask / Half Moon