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Spiritual Beggars: Sunrise To Sundown (LP, 2016, ltd 200)

Inside Out Music IOMLP 443

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Price: EUR 26.00

Limited to 200 copies on 180g yellow transparent vinyl. Comes in a gatefold cover with a double-sided poster and the album on CD.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Sunrise to Sundown is a perfect example of why Spiritual Beggars are at the forefront of Stoner Rock; raising the benchmark of the genre's existence. This is a band that keeps the quintessential 70's Rock alive and kicking; while adding an amazing array of genres that evidently shows that this is a band for everyone." (Metal Temple)

"Transitioning between mellow and heavy, as well as the 70’s and our times, Sunrise to Sundown is an enjoyable and free-spirited amalgam of every musical trope Spiritual Beggars touched upon in the past 20 years ... Their earliest albums were completely in the fashion of 90’s fuzz driven, guitar effect filled, desert rock with lots of jamming breakdowns and heavy Kyuss-vibes. However by the 2000’s their approach became simpler, more straight-forward, not to mention the Jon Lord-like Hammond organs of Per Wilberg started to play a much bigger role. The Beggars music started to sound more and more like their earliest influences, bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or Uriah Heep, right down to the feel, delivery and texture." (Sputnik Music)

"Spiritual Beggars is a super duper mega group composed of some of metal’s most respected folks and guess what? They play filthy hippie rock just the way it should be played (dirty?). Featuring former members of Carcass, Opeth, Mercyful Fate and Shining ... Imagine a mutant hybrid of Deep Purple, Rainbow and Lenny Kravitz and you get the general idea, and it’s a good one! ... The playing is impressive, but the songs are easy to digest and rock out to, and this is a near-perfect summer party album. Crank it, feel the flower power and get your groovy on, folks!" (Angry Metal Guy)

"Headed by Michael Amott whose CV includes Arch Enemy and British death metallers Carcass, the Beggars keep plodding along, doing their thing when scheduling and inspiration allows. ‘Sunrise To Sundown’ finds them three years on from  2013’s allegedly Deep Purple influenced ‘Earth Blues’ and ploughing a not too dissimilar furrow." (Louder Than War)

Spiritual Beggars: Sunrise To Sundown


The photos below are from my personal collection, the item for sale is sealed.

Spiritual Beggars: Sunrise To Sundown

Spiritual Beggars: Sunrise To Sundown