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Svarte Greiner / Le Corbeau: Split LP (LP, 2010)

Fysisk Format FY032

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Price: €7.00

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Second release in Fysisk Format's split series (the first featured Haust and Next Life) presents two very different but still somewhat related Norwegian artists; Svarte Greiner and Le Corbeau ... On this split, Svarte Greiner offers three haunting pieces of layered guitar and reverbed ambient. The track names form some sort of narrative in themselves, Drunk - Road - Tree, and adds to the overall feeling of unease and adventure on this release ... Le Corbeau bring no less than six tracks to the feast. Ranging from dreamy pop melodies to bluesy surrealism and an unexpected cover of one of Roy Orbison's biggest hits, this is another example of Le Corbeau's unique ability to uncover the unheard." Amazon

Svarte Greiner / Le Corbeau

Svarte Greiner / Le Corbeau