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Brutal Blues: S/T (12", 2014, ltd 100)

Drid Machine Records / Nerve Altar DMR16 / ALTAR08

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Price: €16.00

Red cover version, limited to 100 copies.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM

"Norway’s Brutal Blues are a collaboration between guitarist/vocalist Steinar (Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Psudoku, BxSxRx) and drummer Anders (Noxagt, Blodsprut, Moha!, Ultralyd) ... The two also fire off noise assaults and spray ambient washes. It’s a ton of stimuli." (Invisible Oranges)

"Just to be perfectly clear here, while the band’s grindcore tendencies are certainly brutal, there’s absolutely nothing overtly ‘bluesy’ going on within this fifteen-minute hyper-blast of angular and eclectic Norwegian grind ... Brutal Blues is semi-instrumental and experimental grind at its inventive and playful best that will make you smile while simultaneously leaving you scratching your head in confusion." (Heathen Harvest)

Brutal Blues: S/T