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Lyres: On Fyre (LP, 1984/Re 2012)

Munster Records MR 321

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Price: SOLD!

Still sealed! The cover is graded EX because of some light corner dents.

Grading cover: EX/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Anyone who digs rock of all eras will find something to shake to on On Fyre." (AllMusic)

"Nothing we'd heard previously coming out of the USA around that time could have quite prepared us for the sound of Lyres ...  On Fyre itself is a royal succession of unstoppably great selections, all with inventive use of major/minor chord switches, ear-bending tremolo gear, and/or relentless in-motion rhythmic sequences -- sometimes all at once ... That the raw sonic exultation captured throughout On Fyre was unleashed almost 30 years ago now is quite an astonishing, terrifying statistic given that, it's a record that still sounds as fresh, bold, new and exciting as it did back in 1984." (Forced Exposure)

Lyres: On Fyre