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Magic: Enclosed (LP, 1969/Re 2013)

Out-Sider/Guerssen OSR015

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Price: EUR 15.00

Fine reissue from respected label Guerssen, comes with a printed insert. Still sealed!

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"More soulful than your average psych-rock group, Magic, out of Lansing, Michigan, can be compared to the kind of hip white boys who used to back Arthur Lee in the late 60s, or even the early J Geils Band and The Rascals in experimental mode ... It’s remarkable that this lot escaped major stardom." (Record Collector)

"Hideously rare 1969 album by this US band. Psychedelic and bluesy West Coast sound with ripping fuzz guitar much in the vein of Crazy Horse, Quicksilver, 'Vindicator'-era Arthur Lee and the likes ... mastertape sound, insert with linernotes." (Out-Sider)

Magic: Enclosed

Magic: Enclosed